Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Choosing to Be At Home...

at home:
Pronunciation: \ˈhōm\
1 : relaxed and comfortable : at ease
2 : in harmony with the surroundings
3 : on familiar ground

Jake and Dave are off at work, Sam and Monty (Sam's English Bulldog) are snoring on the futon in the living room, and Roxi (our Welsh Pembroke Corgi pup) and I have already gone on a long walk, made Dave's lunch, done two loads of laundry, showered, applied a little make-up and did our hair, ate breakfast, emptied the dishwasher and we will be heading out soon to get some groceries and pick up Jake from work. It's 8:37 a.m.

Routine feels SOOOOOO good. This Is Our Life. This Is Our Sacred Space. Today, I'm breathing in the glory of that which is completely *ours*.

Our lives have been very hectic, filled with travel and friends, for the past month.

And while travel and friends are absolutely WONDERFUL and right and necessary in our lives, these seemingly *smaller* times in between the bigger plans are absolutely precious to me.

It's within these smaller, quieter and sacred spaces where the swirliness of all that we have encountered on our travels and in our time with our friends are able to come together...come to a place of rest...and we are able to really look at ourSelves again and truly see Who We Are ~ and that includes Who We Were + Who We Have Become with our new levels of awareness, with our new experiences, and with all that we have learned about ourSelves and others and the world added in there.

While our travel and our friends actually add to the glory of truly knowing ourSelves, it still is our Truth that within the routine flow of home, we are able to re-Connect with our Source, with our dreams, with our excitement over the infinite possibilities that awaiting us...and because of this re-Connection, we are better able to know in which direction we should place our foot for our next step.

Distractions can sometimes be a good thing when one is feeling overwhelmed and inundated by too much Truth (as we highly sensitive people tend to feel). But too much distraction serves only to dis-Connect us from our authenticity, from our Source...and if we are absent of a connection to Who We Really Are and our inner Selves, we cannot truly have one with the outer world, nor with its inhabitants (and yes, that includes our children).

Even before I had children, I felt that the 12 years of school attendance was just one big Chuck E. Cheese distraction away from the child Truly Knowing Him/HerSelf (a much less fun distraction). I feel like the world has become so full of distractions...people are constantly on their cell phones, always needing to be talking talking talking instead of b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g and Be-ing. It is rare to be able to dine in a restaurant without being incessantly assaulted with televisions tuned into 24-hour news networks or a sports channel. I can barely walk into some stores because the music they play is so loud, making my head spin.

We shop. We drink. We gamble. We gossip. We care too much about what other people are doing on Facebook. We care too much what other people think of us. We debt. We eat. We lie to ourSelves.

We do all we can to distract ourSelves from theTruth that is calling out to us, much like Max shouted to the Wild Things: BE STILL!! The Truth wants us to hear it. The Truth wants us to stop our distractions and go within and just b-r-e-a-t-h-e and just BE.

I am sensitive. I am highly sensitive. I am highly sensitive to all that distracts me away from my True Self. Perhaps my awareness is acute because I come from a family with addictive tendencies. Or perhaps because I, myself, spent many years being distracted away from living and even KNOWING my own Truth. This was the result of many years as a schooled child, when my spirit was bombarded with people (adults) telling me to be/do/live/learn something other than what was in MY OWN HEART.

I walked into adulthood and motherhood not knowing Who I Was because of those distractions. I only knew how to continue to distract mySelf away from any work that needed to be done excavating My Truth
(and yes, that work can be painful at times, and so the distraction feels temporarily like a welcome relief) ...and living in My Truth.

The thing is that when one is living a life of only distractions, his/her Truth will continue to be Stronger than the distractions, as Truth tends to prevail...and it will do what it can to find its way out of the darkness and into the light.

If we are so distracted that we are unable to pay attention to any signs in our life, indicating that we are either on the right path or the wrong path, we can be sure that the Truth will continue to do what it can to guide us. But if we continue to ignore the smaller signs indicating that we are not living in our Truth, then those signs get bigger and will usually become more devastating, disrupting and painful.

For me, it practically took a brick upside of my head for me to snap out of a life of distractions...only caring about what our lives looked like on the surface, because that's the only place I knew of...that's the place I was raised. I had to work hard and heal and forgive and empty out and build back up again in order to excavate the Truth of not only Who I Was, but Who I Wanted to Be.

And so when Jake was born, I knew that this was the ONE thing that was most important to his life, to his Be-ing, above anything else. I wanted to allow him the sacred space to truly Know HimSelf. That original desire/motivation involved me learning how to give him that space, by truly honoring, respecting and celebrating him for being Exactly Who He Is.

And because of allowing that space for my child, I was able to create one for mySelf, which allowed me to heal MySelf, love MySelf, forgive MySelf and celebrate MySelf.

Both Jake and Sam have been blessed to have this sacred space all of their lives. Not once has anyone directed them away from what was truly residing in their hearts. Quite the contrary, in fact, as our lives have been invested in helping them to listen to and follow their inner voices, especially when they, themselves, were feeling confused and distracted.

And from me completely Trusting in Who My Children Are, they have learned to Trust in themSelves, as well.

This is Home.

Yes, the travel, the friends, the Joy, the's all so so good. So valuable. So necessary. So much a part of Who We Are.

And yet it is back at home where we are able to Shine the brightest without any distractions away from our True Selves. It's where our Inner Beings feel completely Safe to emerge and sing and dance and play and discuss and debate and dream and create and destroy and laugh and cry and complain and praise and love and joke and BE.



Home is so much more than this dwelling on 10 mountain-top acres.

Home is our Celebration of Succeeding in Being Exactly Who We Are.

Welcome Home.


  1. Beautiful! And so true. I said something similar to Shelby yesterday. After people who had been at our house (including my mom who comes for lunch almost every day), I said, "'s so nice when it's just us, ya know?" And it is soooo nice.

    Yes, I too love when people are in town, when we're hustling and bustling, going 100 mph...but the down time is so much lovelier when it all calms down.

    Thank you for writing this. It's what I needed to hear. :-)

  2. Such Truth!

    Certainly explains why i absolutely LOVE coming home to my home, sweet home, whenever i leave it. :)

  3. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wonderful thoughts, Anne! Please keep sharing your wonderful wisdom...

  5. I really enjoyed reading this. Truly food to feed the soul.

  6. seriously, thank you for all you share b/c I don't know what i would do without you! you so inspire me and help me find a perspetive that fits for me, even if it is different than yours in some small way or another, the Soul of it leads my Soul to It's Truth. That is rare and oh so valuable in this crazy world, Lady! :) you are so loved and valued <3